Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teressa's Sign WIP

Teressa's Sign needs the lettering, 'fresh eggs for sale', so remains a work in progress for a while longer. Painting the rooster & hen were a lot of fun,but different than my usual work. Daily Art Cards just haven't happened due to my exhaustion from Physical Therapy on my foot. Only a week & 1/2 more of Physical Therapy so I expect to create the Daily Art Cards again at that time. My foot has made amazing progress, I'm able to do normal everyday walking, but am excited to get back to being athletic, again sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arly Snow 2009

Arly got 10 inches of snow over the weekend. Yes, that's right 10 inches of snow just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Usually, the whole area around Memphis shuts down for 2-3 inches of snow so for 10 inches many churches even canceled services, which is quite unusual here in the bible belt. There was a mess on I-40, but the snow melted quickly so we could get to work on Monday. In the meantime, we enjoyed playing in the snow. Enjoy!
Sunday, 1st sunshine on 10 inches of snow.

Tuesday, The snow that remained after 2 days with the high in the 40's. End of the week we will have highs in the 70's so the snow will be all gone by then.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Arly House & Renovation Photos

Moby on the Studio couch

Studio Table

Studio Drawing Table & Files

Studio Fireplace

Renovations Dining Room

Renovations Kitchen Sink & Dishwasher

Renovations Living Room Fireplace

Renovations Kitchen Island & Stove

Renovations Living Room, Kitchen & Dining Room

Downstairs Front Bedroom

Hallway Arly House
Studio Door From Hallway

Stairs & paneling

Hallway & living room glass door