Thursday, June 26, 2008

Image Alphabet

Learned alot doing this double spread for the Artistic Alchemy art journal class. I realized that as my life has become happier, my imagery has become softer and more circular, hence all the mandelas on this double spread.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pete Seeger & Internal Colors

WKNO special on Pete Seeger reminded me of my childhood in Maine. I didn't realize how intertwined my love of folk music is with Pete Seeger's music. We sang & listened to his folk music at school and summer camp. They were our car songs for long car trips. Living in the mid-south has helped me understand just how strong his songs are and why he created them.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Color, wonderful color!

Forgot to post this photo of Ponce Inlet light. This was taken from inside the light building looking out to the sun. This beautiful color is natural and I have not enhanced this image.
My favorite Florida island has been giving me trouble this week. Actually, it is the watercolor canvas that is the problem. I'm thinking of using ink with a bamboo pen and water color wash on paper. I hope to have it resovled to show you next week.

Busy week with renovations - finally stained the porch, Yahoo!! Gorgeous porch, but lots of it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

florida islands

1st island
plein aire watercolor 4" x 6"
Memorial Day morning is a perfect floridian day, breezy, sunny with puffy clouds.
Each morning & most evenings, Art & I walk Moby to the river and back.
In the morning Art & Moby jog, while I sketch and paint.

1st island
plein aire watercolor 4" x 6"
It was a breezy, but quiet morning.
I painted a cleaner look using the white of the paper for most of sky & water.
Trying to get to the essense of the view and focusing on shapes.

4 Islands Halifax River
plein aire watercolor 4" x6"
For our last day in FLorida, I captured the complete river view
with all 4 islands and Halifax River's opposite bank.
This is a good reference sketch for figuring out bracketed photos.

2nd island with reflections
acrylic knife painting 12" x 12"
I used the most knife texture on the island foliage to give it strong shapes.
While placing a smoother knife stroke to show the calm water
and creating a true floridian sunny day sky.
Back in the studio - good to be home.