Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camera Fun with Shadows, Wednesday 8-22-12


I almost like this original the best.

This filter is Psychedelic that I saved under presets, neat right!



I really do like the color best, I guess I'm bright color biased!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drought = Low, Low Water & 2 New Islands


We've been luckier than most in the MidWest, a bit of rain has fallen in the last few months. Still, the 2nd pond at the farms has never been this low, at least in my memory. The fish are struggling to live, they hang at the edge of the pond for oxygen. The White Egret & the Great Blue Herons are finding it difficult to catch the smaller fish. You hear about this on the news in distant lands or in days gone by, but here it is right now, right here, in the middle of USA farm country.

You can smell the dust on the paths, so much so that Moby & I walk along the pond shore any chance we get. Moby does go into the pond to get cooled off & have a drink, but a very little drink. I can just see her thinking "I've got to have water, but this is really yucky." She knows, we'll stop a Panara Bread for our breakfast & Moby will drink her bowl dry of their delicious, cold, tap water.


Shade becomes very important during summer's heat down here. My Dad spent a few years growing up in Palatka, Florida so he had 1st hand knowledge on southern heat before air conditioning. He remembered the sweet smell of honeysuckle, slapping the water to scare away snakes before swimming in a stream's pond & walking from shade to shade down the street. The air temperature can vary up to 10* cooler in the shade than the sun on a hot summer day in the south. I've trained Moby to head of the shade anytime we are outside in the summer, then we slow down & savor the shade for as long as possible.

On the bright side, 2 islands have appeared in the center of the pond. I do love a good island, even flat islands like theses 2. There is just something about the largest island's edge, the natural curves, the water plants that break the water up in interesting ways.

If you pass our home, you may see someone twirling around & jumping up & down. I'm doing my rain dance, in hope rain will come soon. I've said a few prayers for all the farmers & creatures affected, too. This summer, we're sticking to the shade like glue, looking on the bright side, praying for rain & doing a rain dance. With a little luck, fall will bring rain sooner than later.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Peace & Quiet?

So Much for my Peace & Quiet! Actually, they have finished & peace reigns supreme again;).



Besides the beauty is in the details & I choose to look on the bright side of life;D!


Peace & Quiet on a Cloudy Day, Fabulous Friday, 8-17-12


Monday, August 13, 2012

Yay;D! Rain;D! And a bit of Camera Fun;D!

Never fails, I watered the courtyard & Art washed the cars. Of course, it's going to rain;D! Yahoo;D!

Same photo, just brightened up a bit through several Photogene filters;D!



Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Oh My, Where has the Time Gone

This week has really flown by, I thought sure I posted sooner than last Tuesday, but, alas, I had not. Here for your pleasure is a morning sun from last weekend. I can tell by the curve of the road, we are off to the dog park at Shelby Farms.


Today, being Saturday, we were off again to the Shelby Farms dog park. The temperatures being much cooler, there were lots of dogs & lots of new dogs, we had never met. Moby is Queen of the dog park, naturally all need to pay reverence to her. A few newcomers were snarled at when they didn't comply with her rules; no touching the sore back & not too much butt sniffing. The above photo is the 2nd pond with very low water, resulting from the drought this year. I love how crisp, clear & colorful the photo is, it's amazing what cooler weather can do! Hope you have a Fabulous Weekend;D! Sues;D!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yellow Daylily In the Garden Tonight, Tuesday 8-7-12

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Wisteria Growing Like Crazy & Xeriscaping, Tuesday 8-7-12

Wisteria on the Back Porch

Wisteria on the Front Porch

Wisteria on Courtyard Picket Fence

In the garden today, Wisteria is loving the heat. When we first moved here 6 years ago, I wanted to cover every Inch of yard space with a beautiful cottage garden. Older & wiser, I realize I don't want to water that amount of space during triple digit 100* days. Last year, the drought made it obvious that I needed to condense my watering.

A Xeriscape is having the moist plants together close to the house & native plants requiring less water further away. Thank goodness, the wisteria, quince, pear tree, redbud, crepe myrtle, 2 established hydrangeas & established azaleas survive the high heat. Along with drought tolerant annuals, they are my go to plants for outside the moist courtyard.

The courtyard is a smaller space between the picket fence, the house & garage, which I will keep watered through the summer. This spring, I started by bring the hydrangeas in from the fence lines, but I left 1 very established hydrangea at the back of the house, 2nd established hydrangea & a 2 year old hydrangea in front of the garage. The 3 smaller hydrangeas I did move beside the garage, which can be seen from the living room window. The young hydrangeas have struggled along, but seem better since the 1st of August. When rain returns in the fall, I'll move the 2 year old hydrangea from in front of the garage. I just didn't want to risk losing it with the heat.

The plan is to establish rosemary along the front walk & continue Xeriscaping the remaining yard. Also, tree planting on the west side, it's pretty bare & open from taking down a very leaning pecan tree. There will be other adjustments to the garden, a deck, patio, new plants, etc., just like every year. In the end, we will have a beautiful cottage garden, just one that conserves water.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Morning View, 8-1-12

This is my view during my morning yoga, I love the colors that happened by happenstance;D!