Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Drawing, Thursday 9-27-12


Sorry, when I moved Sweet Moby to the top, I lost my morning drawing. Here it is Yay;D!


Moby, Morning Drawing, Studio Sunlight & In the Garden, Terrific Thursday 9-27-12

Moby, my sweet, has been taking care of her Mummy, she knows when I something is wrong, before I do. She's even posing for treats, she'd do just about anything for food & treats. It's me, who forgets, but I have been a bit foggy this month. Scoop is, I need a root canal! Yikes! I was fine with it, until Hubby tells me I'm going to be in pain & he has to be here to take care of me, thanks Art. Actually, the taking care of me might be quite nice & the pain part, I'm taking pain pills unlike some who are too tough to take them. Besides, I have a wonderful dentist, Dr. Pulido, he's put in fillings & my 1st crown with essentially no pain. Back to my mantra - hoping for the best, expecting the good & dealing with reality;D! I'm putting on my big girl pants as it's got to be done & long overdue.

In the meantime, I'm appreciating & noticing the beautiful, the sunny & all that makes me smile. There's a lot to smile about: Sweet Moby, one of the loves of my life, the other being Art! I did a morning drawing, Yahoo;D! The autumn light is gorgeous this year, especially after the summer heat. The garden is blossoming with a few roses again, all the more sweet for a northern girl. I'll be popping in when I can, see on the other side!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Palms Hawaii Camera Fun, 9-20-12


Vivid 1 Photogene


Purple Haze Photogene


Psychedelic Photogene


Rainbow Photogene


Original Photo


Monday, September 17, 2012

Rough Bracelet Sketch, 9-17-12

Even though this sketch is very rough, it took me all day to put it on paper(digital). At least I have a start, Yay;D!

Moxie Monday with Jan Avellana, 9-17-12

Since I fully admit, I'm a Sensitive-Nervous Nelly, I'm going to start with scary things I've recently done. Jan is right, we have to acknowledge & do the scary things, otherwise we won't expand. I want to keep expanding into a rich, full, vivid life so I'm looking forward, not back. I'll add a few, really scary things I want to do at the end of this blog post. Come join us in Moxie Monday, you can find Jan's Blog on her website,

Really Scary Things, I've done lately

Driving agitated in Memphis Traffic.

Go to the Dentist.

Fly to Bogota alone.

Go to the Dentist again.

Make Scampi once a week, creative cooking.

Make a dinner reservation for our Aniversary.

Take Moby to the vet.

Wait for car carrier.

Fly a long trip to Hawaii - a wonderful trip;D!

Think about calling a new Doctor.

Await Art without being able to contact him, his phone not working.

Writing this blog post, attempting things I'm not perfect at.


Really Scary Things, I Want To Do

Write more in depth blog posts, sharing my point of view, becoming vulnerable & being seen.

Learning to write more effectively.

Share my work, drawing, photography & digital art in more places, photo groups, classes, Pinterest, etc.

Being creative, colorful in every part of my life.

Practice! Practice my drawing, practice my yoga every day.

Finishing, through to my Creative Vision, before I get distracted.

Moving through life with Ease & Grace.

Being more Joyful, looking on the Bright Side of Life!

So there you have it, the really scary stuff for me! I'm trying to do a few scary things each week, I know the more I do them the less scary they become. Here's to Moxie Monday! Thank you, Jan for being brave & moving forward, together we can do great things;D!

Oh, Happy Birthday Dad, I know you're proud of me for not hiding under the covers today! You taught me to do stuff, the hard stuff. We miss you very much!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Laie Point Oahu, Hawaii Fabulous Friday 9-14-12


Beautiful spot, if you look closely on the left, there is a newlywed couple posing for photos;D!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning Digital Color Sketch & Sketching Tips, Wonderful Wednesday 9-12-12

I'm trying to sketch the 1st 1/2 hour after I awake. The above sketch took me 2 hours(I'll improve), but I am very pleased with the way it came out. Since my iPad is attached to me at the hip, just kidding, it is my closest sketching tool. Sketchbook Pro is my favorite sketching App, I use the pencil & eraser exclusively. I try not to erase very much, I love the way multiple pencil lines create a shape. I do want to continue with real paper & pencil but, digitally sketching before I'm even out of bed, is a great way to create a permanent morning habit. I've found, the tool I use to sketch, isn't as important as honing my ability. An awful sketch will be equally awful on paper or the iPad, it's the practice that counts.

Color, I love color! Especially, strong, color contrast creating 3D forms(Yay, Wayne Thiebaud). The above sketch photo shows how I use color on the iPad, using any color of the rainbow is wonderful. Let's take a look at the 3 parts to my morning sketch: the finished rose sketch(yes, for me this morning, it's finished), the photo & my color palette scatchings. The photo I use in capturing color & sketching from it. My color palette scratches are an easy way to switch between colors, compare colors, & recapturing lost color.

There are various ways to create a color palette with Sketchbook Pro, my intention leads me to gather my colors in 1 or 2 ways.

1. A color in a photograph can be captured easily. 1st, import the photo to a blank Sketchbook Pro canvas, 2nd select your tool(pencil is already selected for my canvas), & 3rd press your finger down on the color you want until you see the cross hair. Voila, your ready to start sketching with your new color!

2. A favorite color paint is easily transfered from the real world to Sketchbook Pro canvas. 1st, create palette scratches on real paper, 2nd photo with digital phone camera & 3rd import the photo to your sketchbook pro canvas. Select your color & your off painting!

Recapturing a color - Let's say, your sketching along & you lose your color, getting it back is easy with palette scratches. You need to check 2 things: 1. You propably held your finger or paintbrush/stylus too long over the white canvas or another color. No problem - Is the paint brush box located top middle tool bar, still the color you want? If not, re-select your color from your canvas palette. 2. Did you accidentally select the eraser? No problem - tap small circle on the center, bottom canvas. Reselect your tool, yay, you're off sketching again!

I hope you enjoyed my morning sketch & a few digital color sketching tips, I have a Wonderful Wednesday;D!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stunning Roses in the Fall, Sunday, 9-9-12


Everything, garden, lawn, roadside, etc., has been brown & parched for what seems like forever. Suddenly, amongst this dead, brown sea, I spotted color, astonishing beautiful color. These lovely yellow, pink roses against the back fence are a very, pleasant surprise after the long hot summer. This summer's drought is much worse in other areas of the country, I'm very grateful for our rain. I'm counting our blessings-rain & roses and offering up prayers for those who still need the rain. Enjoy these beauties & say a prayer for all those in need. Thank you;)!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

North Shore Rainbow, Oahu, Hawaii August 2012

There's a reason, they call Hawaii the Rainbow State, we saw at least a rainbow a day;D! As soon as I get my act together, I'll do a separate post with all the different rainbows;D!