Thursday, June 12, 2008

florida islands

1st island
plein aire watercolor 4" x 6"
Memorial Day morning is a perfect floridian day, breezy, sunny with puffy clouds.
Each morning & most evenings, Art & I walk Moby to the river and back.
In the morning Art & Moby jog, while I sketch and paint.

1st island
plein aire watercolor 4" x 6"
It was a breezy, but quiet morning.
I painted a cleaner look using the white of the paper for most of sky & water.
Trying to get to the essense of the view and focusing on shapes.

4 Islands Halifax River
plein aire watercolor 4" x6"
For our last day in FLorida, I captured the complete river view
with all 4 islands and Halifax River's opposite bank.
This is a good reference sketch for figuring out bracketed photos.

2nd island with reflections
acrylic knife painting 12" x 12"
I used the most knife texture on the island foliage to give it strong shapes.
While placing a smoother knife stroke to show the calm water
and creating a true floridian sunny day sky.
Back in the studio - good to be home.

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