Monday, February 2, 2009

Art Cards

I'm working almost daily on the art cards. Once again, it is impossible for me to work in the studio on the weekends. Saturday & Sunday, I love spending time with my husband, Art and our dog, Moby so I've decided to create a couple of extra cards during the week. Since I am already behind, I realize that it may take more than 365 days to create 365 cards. This way I can get to 365 cards without going to much over a year. Who knows I may change the goals again, this is a journey not a factory. I do want to try to create daily, but sketching while watching TV is another idea for the 2 weekend cards. We'll just have to see how things work.


Artoholic said...

Such an inspiring post (and indeed blog!) that you have created here.

I can really "feel" your sense of determination and importance that art has on your life.

Good luck with your Goals completeion!



susans said...

Thanks Cindy, your support helps me go forward. Enjoy! sues