Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hawaii Vision Journal & Starfish Shadow Box

Above is a Starfish Shadowbox I made yesterday, while Art talked to Juan Carlos via Skype. As I gathered my shadowbox &materials, I debated how to best hold the starfish to the back of the shadowbox, as I wandered around my studio(Art was Skyping in my studio so Juan Carlos could see me walking back & forth). Juan Carlos said I appeared to pick at things just like a hen in a barnyard looking for food. Interestingly, Juan Carlos observation sheds more light onto my working process. Usually, I start with one idea & add to it repeatably until I feel finished. For me deciding a piece is finished when there is a pleasing connection throughout every part of the painting with all parts of the piece coming together to make a whole.

I thought the Aloha Tower painting posted on Monday, June 15th, was finished, but it didn't have enough color especially for my image of Hawaii. Being somewhat intimated to ruin my previous work, I started small with coloring the word 'together' with a bright purple pen. Then, continued to spread the purple around & I was off comparing & creating for another whole morning.

I just love the picture above, it just seems so quiet & peaceful in a tropical place. to me

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