Friday, March 16, 2012

Jumping In Puddles & Operation Puddle Stomp

1st Sorry the wet jeans & boots posted twice, didn't show up the 1st time I checked. Anywho, Moby & I headed early to the Farms, because I didn't realize a storm was brewing. It turned out ok & I got some fabulous photos, which I'll post soon.

Speaking of Fabulous, my friend, Donna, has christened Fridays as fabulous, I came up with Marvelous Monday & have a few more for the rest of the week. I believe in positive thought so my daily weather posts are going to have positive word attached. Best to start, end or even live in the middle of the day with happy thoughts & attitude.

My Boooots, as I call them(might have to name them sometime),but I digress. My Rain Boots from the generous, sweet & lovely Jessica Swift are just Marvelous. I think, I wear these more than any other shoe or boot & they never let me down. I wear them in rain storms, snow with fleece socks, at the farms, running to yoga, in the garden & the lake, just to name a few. In addition, to being the most well made boot, I've ever owned, she is donating $5 of every online purchase to a water charity. Operation Puddle Jump is over on her blog at so hop on over & get yourself a pair of Wonderful Boooots;D.

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