Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm painting again, Yay;D! Terrific Tuesday, 7-31-12

Mts. Fog, Sea & Sky Work in Progress

I began painting in the studio with acrylic paint on a canvas that I just couldn't wrap my head around until today. It is always good to step back from my work, often I return with new eyes. This painting is one of those, this morning I could easily see the water reflections of the mountains. But, the mountains weren't there, truth be told, there was an ugly wide yellow streak on the left hand side. In the process of covering most of the yellow, the mountain started to appear. Once I saw a mountain, the others came into view quickly.
I tried to line the mountain & sea edges with a paintbrush, but the brush strokes were not definitive enough. Solution, photo the painting & import it into Sketchbook Pro. This worked beautifully, it was easy to digitally sketch the edges. No problems with raised textures, I could undo a line without smudges, etc.
Also, it ticks the Goal-Intention block of working digitally, but retaining a physical painting process, too. Last January, I dreamt of this digital/acrylic painting process in Stephanie Levy's Creative Courage online class. Although, it took 6 months of learning, experiencing life & being still with myself, I'm finally in this place. Why did it take so long? Well, 1st, this painting became to precious to work on, which stopped the great ideas from appearing. The original image of a Madonna is from a trip to Providenca, Colombia & the mountains are from a aerial view as we flew over southern China. 2nd, I'm creating much more complex paintings than I used to, in part due to Flora Bowley's Intuitive Painting class last February. 3rd, I just need percolating time, which is the magic. Even though, I'm much to impatient, this painting is a good lesson in trusting the process. The Madonna image happened years ago, more than I want to admit to & the mountain image occurred in 2008. I'm resetting my Intention keep filling the well, creating an environment I can be still in & most important, I'll try to be more patient.

Today, is a good day;D!

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