Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Oh My, Where has the Time Gone

This week has really flown by, I thought sure I posted sooner than last Tuesday, but, alas, I had not. Here for your pleasure is a morning sun from last weekend. I can tell by the curve of the road, we are off to the dog park at Shelby Farms.


Today, being Saturday, we were off again to the Shelby Farms dog park. The temperatures being much cooler, there were lots of dogs & lots of new dogs, we had never met. Moby is Queen of the dog park, naturally all need to pay reverence to her. A few newcomers were snarled at when they didn't comply with her rules; no touching the sore back & not too much butt sniffing. The above photo is the 2nd pond with very low water, resulting from the drought this year. I love how crisp, clear & colorful the photo is, it's amazing what cooler weather can do! Hope you have a Fabulous Weekend;D! Sues;D!


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