Wednesday, November 26, 2008

China & New Hampshire coast

The left hand side of my moleskinne depicts Swimming Point Park, (my name for it). Every morning we would have the buffet breakfast, which Art, my husband, absolutely loved. The dining room faced the Pearl River where it widened out a bit. Swimmers entered the water at Swimming Point Park to swim down & back along the White Swan river bank right past the dining room. The swimmers started very early, almost before the ferries ran. Between 6:30 & 7:00 am the ferries would quickly go back and forth, up and down the river delivering people to work. The ferry captains were very good, they always knew exactly where the swimmers were. Even though the swimmer's head was the only part visable in a vast array of water. In addition, the ferrys timed their runs to weave between the barges running up and down the river.
The watecolor vignettes on the right hand side of my moleskinne were completed from photos back in our White Swan room at night. I really enjoyed taking the time to get the watercolor on the page, while the memory was still fresh.
One afternoon, I wandered through the White Swan gardens coming out at their private dock. Next to the the White Swan dock, was the pier where the ferrys would come & go. I took this photo of a gentleman, who appeared to live on his ferry with his small green garden & the complementary red flag of China.

This is a line drawing of the New Hampshire coastline near where my sister, Kathy, lives. The drawing is a pleasant reminder of holidays past. Happy Thanksgiving!

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