Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Can't believe it's almost been a month since I've been here. China was wonderful until I got sick, oh well. I'm feeling better each day and am winding up the China Moleskinne Sketchbook & my own Guangzhou citybook with more watercolor. I'm starting a china sketchbook/photo book with blurb. The software looks really exciting & easy to use. I just love books, can't you tell.

In other news, my friend Sarah got me onto Facebook so I'm playing round with that. I believe that you have to be the change you want so I'm creating an artist community around myself. I hope to have it all connected here on the blog. I get confused if I don't have order, I just am too scatterbrained.

December big news is that Anna & I are going to do a Merry Merry Christmas Art Journal/Scrapbook. It is time to bring a bit of joy back into the Christmas Holidays and creating always brings me joy. I'll post my pages here as I complete them.

Now for a bit of old news that I forgot to share. I'm writing a novel. Yup. A novel. I've been working on the Nanowrimo write a novel in the month of November. Yes, I am way, way behind, but it's been fun. I'll finish even if it goes into December or later.

I've promised myself to really learn how to post & join in the online community more. I want enrich my blog so it is easier to see what I want to do & have done. To do that I feel I need to blog more so I'm going to step it up and even blog daily for awhile. I have to train myself to get on do what I need to do & not go looking at all those wonderful blogs out there every time I'm on the computer. You see - moving the paintbrush or writing with a pen is what keeps me sane. I have to do that every day, but I easily get distracted.

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