Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!
Below are a few goals, I expanded a bit from last year. I did ok, last year, but want to get closer to my vision of my life. So I will keep these goals close, in the front of my daily list, morning affirmations & sketchbooks.
Goals For 2009
1. Islands - Paint
2. Heal My Life - Affirmations, Art Journals, Books & Novel
3. Be with Art - Travel Journal

Wishes & Projects
Do something creative everyday
Cheerful & helpful
China sketchbooks
Christmas Art Journal 2008
Novel - Observations
Blurb Books - China sketchbook, Cookbook, etc.
Healing My Life - Daily Art Cards
Refashioning Clothes
Island Paintings - Tree Island
Abstract Art - Play & Understand
Renovation - House/ Furniture
Simple Life - Organization
From now on I'm going to include a Louise Hay quote for my day.

It's easy to grow and change in an atmosphere of love. - Louise Hay


Carol said...

Great goals. Best of luck with them. Reading other peoples' goals is encouraging me to think maybe I shold be stting some. I'll try.

susans said...

Thanks, Carol, you are inspiring to me also. Left a comment to that effect on your 1-1-09 post. Glad to see you back. sues