Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Merry Chistmas Art Journal

The Merry, Merry Christmas Journal Cover & a few finished pages.

I scanned a few work in progress (WIP) pages to see how they look, but for now the WIP pages are going up on flickr. I'll post the individual pages here as they are completed then I'll post the completed Merry, Merry Christmas Journal here in January.

I'm really enjoying creating this Merry, Merry Christmas Journal(don't you just love the name, I do). It is pushing me to work longer & harder than I would without a deadline, even into the evening. But I am concerned that the pages aren't as good as they could be. That's probably my inner critic jumping in too soon before the pages are finished. I need to take into consideration that I am working under a bit of constraint, my fractured foot. Even though it is only a stress fracture, I have to keep the foot up a lot of the time. No problem with a lap desk & sofa, but there are pen marks, paint & glitter everywhere. It gets especially funny when Moby, the puppy girl, dashes up on the sofa to bark at dog, squirrel or person out front. So far no real accidents, but things can go flying.

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