Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doodle Diary Art Journal Book Launch

Doodle Diary Art Journal Book Launch

Every girl deserves a space to explore the world and note down things she enjoys, Dawn Sokol's Doodle Diary is just the place. Not only can your create your own journal, but it is full of inspiration on what to write and how to write it, colorfully as a unigue expression of you. Dawn is a generous and talented artist, she loves to doodle and has the most colorful pages in her Art Journal.

Although, I had seen Dawn's work online, I 1st contacted Dawn, when I took her online Merry Merry Christmas Art Journal class. As some of you may know, I lost my brother in tragic circumstances and my father at Christmas not long after. Holidays, especially Christmas can be emotional and difficult for me, so I decided that it was time to heal the only way I knew how with my art making. The 1st year I tried creating a Christmas Journal, I tried scrapbooking along with painting. That worked out ok, but still wasn't fully what I wanted. Enter Christmas #2 art making, I'd found Dawn's work and collage pages online the year before. In signing up, I decided to share with her(a big risk for me), how I was trying to distract and heal myself with art making. I recieved the most wonderful, kind, & understanding email in return, that in itself helped me heal. I am forever grateful for her reaching out to me that day, as you can see it made a huge impression on me, I found a friend.

Now for the talented part, Oh, man, this girl has it, color, shape, fancy text, BoHo style, & best of all cheerful. It is such a pleasure to view her Art Journal Pages, when in this world there is so much yuck, it is a joy to see what Dawn is up to. Speaking of that, she is always growing and creating so there is always something to see. On her website,, you really get to see beautiful work & a peek into her very creative life. In addition, she takes the time to show & write on her blog, how she creates her pages. By showing her Pages In Progress & the finished page, you get a full understanding on how to create a technique, background, etc. I have already ordered a signed copy of Doodle Diary from Dawn directly, which I will share later in the month.

If you are into creating, or have a girlfriend or neice, who loves to create,

this is a journal book you need to buy.

Get yourself over to Dawn's Doodle Diary page to purchase her book,

for giveaways and all kinds of lucisousness.

I'll see you there.

P.S. Dawn has an Art Journaling DVD, which I will be talking about later as well. This women is just a fountain of good information, she makes it very easy to create in a crazy, busy world.

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