Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sketchbook Project Island Thoughts

I've joined the sketchbook project @ art house. Naturally, I'm going to do my favorite thing to draw, islands, as part of the, If you lived here..... theme. I do want to expand my concept of islands from land that is surrounded by h2o. Already, have an idea to included, what I call islands in a sea of green, but want to expand the idea from the literal to include my concept of an island. I think i need to start w/ my definition of an island as opposed to webster's definition. How about, a person is an Island in a sea of humanity.

Island Ideas
1. Islands surrounded by h2o
Calendar islands Casco Bay
Florida river islands
Collierville marsh islands

2. Islands in a sea of green
Trees & scrub surrounded
by soybeans
Tree island

3. A unique person surrounded
by a sea of humanity that is
significantly different then the
person, visible as in
costume or
inner person that isn't
necessarily visible.

4. My definition of an island &
Webster's definition of an island.
Mine - a unit that is set apart
from the whole.

5. Assorted island nouns, language,
Kitchen island - cabinetry in the
center of a room, kitchen.

6. Island Community
People live on an island year-round
Maine islands
Caribbean islands
Hawaiian islands
Florida islands

Artist - creativity sets the artist
apart from the
general populace.
Rewarded artist - sets apart
from the artistic community.

Poet & Poetry - Hmmm....

And, on & on, stay tuned to see how this works out.

Enjoy today, already a hot one here!

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