Friday, July 15, 2011

Milestone Friday - 1 Year Daily Blog Posting Aniversary

Today is the 1 year anniversary of daily blog postings, hard to imagine, but I've done it. In the beginning, posting something creative every day seemed overwhelming, considering the previous year my blog had been all but abandoned. I knew this project would change me in the best of ways, focus on the creative, the world's beauty, the positive and I knew it would change me in ways I didn't expect, help me to grow. One unexpected shift was I returned to childhood dream of photography, this shift took over my whole creative life after the island sketchbook paintings were finished. Time saving and honing my eye were why photography took such a strong hold on me and my blog.

Now, I post daily to the Art for the Joy of It blog, flickr and Facebook, but I remember, how difficult it seemed to just make the time, think of a creative topic, then post to the blog and separately upload the photos to flickr. Man, I've come a long way, thank goodness for Cellspin and Blogpress, who allow me to write 1 post for all 3 media sites. iPhone & iPad have changed my life in numerous ways, iphone for photos, drawing and watercolor painting on the iPad, etc. Amazing!

Today, I look forward to more creative changes, learning to write much better, but not wordy, just descriptively. More colorful photography continuing closer to my actual childhood dream, which was colorful, underwater reef photography, color always there. I want to combine my watercolor painting, writing and photos into multi-media digital books and sketchbooks. There's digital sketching, doing more slideshows, getting into video/film, because it really is all about telling stories no matter what the media. A lot of exciting learning, whether it be more about myself and the great things I can do, or finding new ways to focus on the positive. A lot more yoga and a little more organization wouldn't hurt either, God has plan and I'm listening carefully.


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