Saturday, July 30, 2011

Milestone Monday - Fuel Management Manager

Art went to work like this...

After much persistence and hard work, Art returned home like this, as

Fuel Management Manager.

This a whole new group, he'll be building from scratch, Art, really, is the perfect person for this job, always an eye on the budget and savings with integrity, dignity and professionalism. Art's been saving money and increasing efficiency for a long time now. Art's first year in Indianapolis, he found a way to shave seconds off the flights, resulting in a millions of dollars saved. Art's just hard-wired to save money or spend it wisely. Speaking of budget, Art wanted me to tell you, he'll be managing a fuel budget of a few billion dollars, yup, I said B as in Bravo, B as in "BILLION"!

Needless to say we are very excited with all the possibilities, this new Fuel Manager opportunity is giving him. Art's excited, happy and will be very busy for quite awhile.

Do you think Washington could learn a thing or two from him on their Trillion dollar budget fiasco, I do!


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