Monday, February 13, 2012

Running Around & Crazy Weather Day

Moby & I were all over the place today along with crazy weather. 1st a stunning sunrise, but realized the Quince or plum blossoms didn't make it through the below freezing weather.

Off to yoga & stopped at the lake for a quick Moby walk, naturally I wore my new boots which I love;D. Jessica Swift designed them & they are very well made, I think they have a life of their own.

The kicker today, is the hugh snow flakes, I mean big, 1/2 dollar size. Yes, they are snow flakes, not feathers, I checked. Only lasting all of 5 minutes, but so incredibly beautiful, Hollywood has to be In town.

While running around in awe of the snow flakes, I found my daffodils survived the cold. These are for you folks up north in real snow, enjoy!

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