Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Explanation, a Bit of Sharing-Ashtanga Yoga, Tremendous Tuesday 4-18-12

Ashtanga yoga, a bit of sharing & an explanation.

1st let me say, I'm sorry if I missed any comments over the last week. The allergies hit me hard, triggering my asthma, etc., etc. yuck. When this happens not only do I lose my breath, but I literally lose my brain to brain fog. Anywho, 6 days of rest, spring cleaning & cutting the garden back, I feel somewhat like my old self.

2nd thing, I want to explain is I have a convoluted way of blogging, mostly due to trying to keep up to date & trying new things. I'm jumping in to social media left, right & center, it's lots of fun & I really enjoy my friends online & off. Between the time lag getting up to speed & apple, Microsoft, google, Facebook, etc., etc. working in their own interest, my online posting has gotten a bit crazy. You can always find the posts in sequence on my blog. Also, I'm on Facebook a lot between family, friends, creative courage group, yoga & creativity group & an art group that I need to contribute to more. Too little time, sigh;) Here's how I do it,
The Plan
1. Photo including somehow the daily weather, this is my 365 project although, I started mid-January. To make it more interesting, the garden, out the window, in natural light, lake, farms, I stretch it to what is going on at the time.
2. Weekly a bit longer post sharing how I paint, photo, etc.

What I use
1. Cellspin, which is a social sight that posts to Flickr, Facebook & my blog. Easy, right, always works.
The Drawback is to write an explanation, I have to make a separate post. I try to do that immediately so they follow along well, but they can get separated & don't show up in flickr at all. Someday I'll find a solution, I keep looking. Any & all suggestions are welcome.

Anywho,There's the explanation, that's all for now on that, brain fog descending.

Now for the fun part, I've started taking 1 day a week Ashtanga Yoga Practice with a wonderful yoga instructor Jennifer Anders. I take 2 YMCA courses with her also. I consider this a life long process of staying healthy, calm & growing old gracefully. On her suggestion, I have an ebook Ashtanga Yoga by Gregor Maehle, which is great at explaining breathing techniques, etc. It is great for my asthma & I'm stronger now than the tom-boy kid I grew up as. An intention, a goal a dream is to use my iPad or iPhone to digitally draw something every day. I'm drawing the ashtanga yoga positions using Sketchbook Pro & Jennifer's handouts. Since this is my 3rd week & my 3rd drawing, it looks like it will shake out to a drawing a week. Hopefully, that will improve over this year. That's all for now, except Yvonne, I'm sorry I missed your comment on the blog, I hope this helps;)! Let me know;)!

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