Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest Bloom Paintings, Monday 4-16-12

These latest paintings are getting pretty close to being finished. At this point, I'm playing with color lines inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud. I love how he uses color to create 3D images along with edging the object with color lines. This makes the painting really vibrate, yet you can understand the image, whether it is a landscape or one of his pies/cakes.

Now, I'm into wild color as in neon, it started with the luscious purple neon glazes. A bit ago, I bought neon green, yellow, etc., I'm pleased with the way the neon really brings a spark of color to the painting. Another frosting detail I'm using, is the pearlized white & purple. The pearl seems to hold a bit of shape & the white takes on any color causing the color to shimmer.

Finally, I knew 2 of the paintings were going to be color field, water backgrounds (Big Heron & Sails Down the Bay). But, I'm pleasantly surprised that in the Peacock & the Heron/Bennett Cove island, both have a river running diagonally through each. The peacock river showed up first, I've been working awhile to flatten & calm the river water.
After I took the photo of the Heron/Bennett Cove Island, I realized the water continues out into the bay in a diagonal river. The calm water started with the along the island edge in neon purple, when the cap broke off the cobalt teal acrylic paint tube, it was game on. Use or lose it to drying out, quickly put it on as many paintings as possible in the areas I need variety. Low & behold, diagonal river water or in this case current in the bay continued the neon water edge out into the distance with cobalt teal. I just love serendipity;D!

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Yvonne said...

Serendipity rocks :) Glad to see you're painting to keep the (feeling sick-)blues away! I love the close-up photos beneath - that way I can properly see the neon greens and the gorgeous purple you added :) They come alive! Photos of course keep you guessing a little - I think there is a lot of texture I'm missing... Love your work on these!