Monday, January 30, 2012

Creative Courage Dreams, Wishes & Words 2012

Finally, a Creative Courage Post, the creative magic from this wonderful course & supportive environment has the art just flowing out of me. I'm paying attention to being an internet creator, not just a internet consumer. I'll share a Done List or as I like to call it, a Ta Da List, soon.

Anywho, this is my 2nd time taking this Creative Courage Course from Stephanie Levy, amazingly I write down my wishes, dreams & intentions, then magic happens. Suddenly, I'm seeing photos screaming to be taken, new app filters to play with & nature to be sketched. I've learned for me, I need to jump right on the creative idea & run with it to completion as fast as I can. Otherwise, the next great idea will distract me, I won't get back to the 1st creative idea for quite a while. Last Fall, I barely got my wishes down on paper when the universe started sending stuff my way. This time, I reviewed my fall wishes, discarded those that didn't apply to my dreams anymore. Next, I wrote my new dreams, wishes & words for 2012 so far, resulting in quite a few intentions on scraps of paper. I want to keep better track of all this creative, juicy life, so I pasted my Fall 2011 intentions into my Fall Journal. January Wishes & Words are in my January journal with future dreams tucked back into my wish box. Everything in it's place and a place for everything, now I can find all my dreams, wishes & words, whenever I want to review them.

I hope my sharing helps someone to take a step, be brave, write it down, because it really does work. Now back to my creative tiger, I've got it by the tail & I'm just hanging on.

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