Thursday, January 12, 2012

Islands, Islands, Islands Johnny Key Island Case

The learning continues with my Johnny Key painting, I ended up back with sketchbook pro, because I could create a desired effect. Maybe in the future I will try Brushes & ArtRage again as they have aspects I like. I especially like how ArtRage allows you to keep track of your sample palette. In sketchbook pro, I learned my way around not having a sample palette, by keeping my palette on the side white space just as I would in real life. The struggle with my palette yesterday did get me to use brighter colors, always a plus.

I think I found my quote, the 1st line of a favorite poem - Once you've slept on an island, you will never be the same. Being a summer island girl, later a year round islander I have a huge soft spot for islands. Islands have a safe freedom for me in memory and the image of a spot of land surrounded by water. Although, an island an be anything, trees in a field = tree islands, etc. I'm drawn to the uninhabited islands, because they survive without & often in spite of man. These islands have a raw natural beauty to them, there is just something about them I love. A couple of years ago, I created a complete sketchbook on 3 favorite uninhabited islands, Florida, Maine & Tennessee for the Sketchbook Project. It was a fabulous project allowing me to delve into what islands mean to me. Also, I started Florida island with my current artistic style, experimented with collage as inspired by Stephanie Levy of Creative Courage E-course on the Maine island & ended up discovering colored lines in a completely different style from where I started with the Tennessee tree islands. Quite an evolutionary process I continue today.

Tomorrow, it's yoga & hopefully the finish of the Johnny Key iPad case. Hope you are having a fabulous day.

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