Friday, January 20, 2012

Intentions & Color

Intentions & Color
Like many of us artists, I'm always trying to find the right fit or balance in creating the best me. Words can be very powerful, trust me I know. For the past few years, I've chosen a word for the year. I try to make it fit the whole year through, but it never quite does. 2011 was a year that I surrendered to God, Universe, etc, go with the flow, not fight my life, noticing & paying attention to my intuition. Serendipity happened left & right, including a few visions, which i didn't understand until after the fact. But, thats for another time, an aha moment or moments occurred with a new word or even two showing up every 2-3 months. This year 2012, I am following my intuition of my own true self with multiple words for different parts of my life. Instead of Goals - too harsh & corporate world association or Resolutions - resolve, too serious, Intentions are going to be my goals/resolutions. Intentions are things I intend to do with no timeline, pressure, harshness, no fight, etc. & are easily adaptable or changed.

One of my intentions for this blog is to be more colorful, especially in winter. I don't do well with gray days, it's just such a struggle to get moving. Anyway, I know I must get up & move or its all over. I'm hoping, scratch that, I know color helps me to face the day with good cheer. Another one of my intentions is to use my photos in creating digital art, colorful digital art.

I follow, Kristina Dubuque Ortega, a digital art master at combining color & texture with her photos. When I asked what she uses, photoshop-she works on a computer, she graciously suggested the app Photogene for manipulating photos on the iPad. Below are the results of my two tree photos in Photogene 1st in psychedelic & 2nd in the rainbow enhancement. At the top are the original tree photos, with a gray day sky. I'm hoping these colorful playthings, photos, will help you be of good cheer, too

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Yvonne said...

I'm with you - one word for a whole year just doesn't cut it ;) I had a series of words for 2011 and in hindsight, they did their magic :) So for 2012, I have chosen 3 - THREE! - words. Not to be taken entirely too seriously, but there is nothing wrong with a little focus ;) & yes, that's one of them: focus. The other two are 'feel' and 'accept'. There is a world between and around them that sort of feels like a good place to practise from!

Yes to colour, especially in the winter! As you know, my hair is now bright (BRIGHT) red, and yesterday? I bought yellow - YELLOW - pants to match :D I must be slightly mad, but they made me SO happy :)

Loving your digital photo enhancements, keep them coming :)