Friday, January 6, 2012

Infinite Sunshine & Johnny Key Backstory

Infinite Sunshine & Johnny Key are 2 paintings I did at the beginning of Art's & my relationship. My 1st trip to Colombia, Art & his parents wanted me to see a bit of Colombia, we vacationed on San Andres with a side trip to Providencia. Johnny Key was an uninhabited island just off of San Andres right in from of our hotel. Upon returning to America, I painted a small chest of drawers with island views from San Andres & Maine, symbolizing our union & the uniting of our 2 different cultures.

Johnny Key is my favorite painting on this Tropical Chest, it seemed right for my iPad 2 case. I wanted a painting that represented the best in my life(Arturo & art), also my dreams. I'm in love with Art, art & palm trees, especially on islands. I'm still looking for an appropriate quote, which will come with time.

Infinite Sunshine is actually is our wedding invitation from our Daytona Beach wedding many years ago. Again, the palm tree with 2 sets of flip flops on the beach representing us. Since it is our wedding invite, I asked Art,my husband, what the quote should be. He's pretty good at distilling big ideas or experiences into original quotes. Instantly, he came out with Infinite Sunshine, perfect, represents us, our life now, in Florida & the future.

At this stage I feel good, I'm beginning, need Johnny Key quote, rework Johnny Key digitally for more color lines & take out the knob peeking in at the side. Infinite Sunshine needs straight line worked out & quote layered in digitally. But, after nearly a year, progress, who said anything had to be quick. Rome wasn't built in a day as Dad always said, it will be good for me to be patient.

Creative Courage starts on Monday & I'm very excited, the above ideas came out of the 1st Creative Courage. I've learned I need a supportive, safe place to create, Stephanie certainly provides that. I can't wait to see what happens this time.

Weekend weather here is going to be nice, lots of dog walks planned, Hope you have a fabulous one!

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