Monday, September 17, 2012

Moxie Monday with Jan Avellana, 9-17-12

Since I fully admit, I'm a Sensitive-Nervous Nelly, I'm going to start with scary things I've recently done. Jan is right, we have to acknowledge & do the scary things, otherwise we won't expand. I want to keep expanding into a rich, full, vivid life so I'm looking forward, not back. I'll add a few, really scary things I want to do at the end of this blog post. Come join us in Moxie Monday, you can find Jan's Blog on her website,

Really Scary Things, I've done lately

Driving agitated in Memphis Traffic.

Go to the Dentist.

Fly to Bogota alone.

Go to the Dentist again.

Make Scampi once a week, creative cooking.

Make a dinner reservation for our Aniversary.

Take Moby to the vet.

Wait for car carrier.

Fly a long trip to Hawaii - a wonderful trip;D!

Think about calling a new Doctor.

Await Art without being able to contact him, his phone not working.

Writing this blog post, attempting things I'm not perfect at.


Really Scary Things, I Want To Do

Write more in depth blog posts, sharing my point of view, becoming vulnerable & being seen.

Learning to write more effectively.

Share my work, drawing, photography & digital art in more places, photo groups, classes, Pinterest, etc.

Being creative, colorful in every part of my life.

Practice! Practice my drawing, practice my yoga every day.

Finishing, through to my Creative Vision, before I get distracted.

Moving through life with Ease & Grace.

Being more Joyful, looking on the Bright Side of Life!

So there you have it, the really scary stuff for me! I'm trying to do a few scary things each week, I know the more I do them the less scary they become. Here's to Moxie Monday! Thank you, Jan for being brave & moving forward, together we can do great things;D!

Oh, Happy Birthday Dad, I know you're proud of me for not hiding under the covers today! You taught me to do stuff, the hard stuff. We miss you very much!



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