Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moby, Morning Drawing, Studio Sunlight & In the Garden, Terrific Thursday 9-27-12

Moby, my sweet, has been taking care of her Mummy, she knows when I something is wrong, before I do. She's even posing for treats, she'd do just about anything for food & treats. It's me, who forgets, but I have been a bit foggy this month. Scoop is, I need a root canal! Yikes! I was fine with it, until Hubby tells me I'm going to be in pain & he has to be here to take care of me, thanks Art. Actually, the taking care of me might be quite nice & the pain part, I'm taking pain pills unlike some who are too tough to take them. Besides, I have a wonderful dentist, Dr. Pulido, he's put in fillings & my 1st crown with essentially no pain. Back to my mantra - hoping for the best, expecting the good & dealing with reality;D! I'm putting on my big girl pants as it's got to be done & long overdue.

In the meantime, I'm appreciating & noticing the beautiful, the sunny & all that makes me smile. There's a lot to smile about: Sweet Moby, one of the loves of my life, the other being Art! I did a morning drawing, Yahoo;D! The autumn light is gorgeous this year, especially after the summer heat. The garden is blossoming with a few roses again, all the more sweet for a northern girl. I'll be popping in when I can, see on the other side!

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