Monday, September 3, 2012

Aloha, Just Home From a Fabulous Dream Vacation;D!

Kailua Beach, which became our beach, & a Hawaiian canoe setting off to race to Waikiki Beach. We had a stunning, dream vacation on Oahu in Hawaii, 10 days packed full of sun & fun;D! I trace my life long dream of going to Hawaii to the 1st Hawaii 5-0 in the 1960's, I remember doodling palm trees at 6 years old. There are no palm trees in Maine, lots pine trees, which I drew, but no palm trees. Anywho, Oahu did not disappoint, she was more fabulous than I imagined. I'm longing for that wonderful island & missing our friends Esteban, Jan, Seth, Cody & Sando. More to come later, Aloha;D! ;D! ;D!

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